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Mastering continuous software development

Eliminate toolchain complexity and scale with GitLab’s built-in CI/CD.

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Don’t let your tools slow you down. When applying continuous methods in your development practices, having the right application to support your initiative is critical for your success.

Traditional CI/CD plugins like Jenkins don’t scale, as connecting it to all of the different tools in your technology stack adds complexity and points of failure to the process. When your CI/CD tool works out-of-the-box, maintenance and management are simplified, allowing you to get to productivity faster.

Learn about continuous software development and how GitLab’s out-of-the-box CI/CD can help you speed up your software development cycle by 200%.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • Three main approaches to the continuous software development methodology
  • The benefits of Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment practices
  • Demonstration of GitLab’s CI/CD pipeline to build, test, deploy, and monitor your code

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