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SDR Enablement

SDR Coaching

In order to provide frequent feedback and coaching to the SDR team, weekly coaching/enablement sessions are hosted where the SDR team is able to ask questions about specific topics they are encountering with their customers. These coaching sessions are driven based on demand from the team and are interactive to help grow skills, awareness and knowledge about the IT and software delivery challenges that enterprise customers are facing.

SDR Coaching Topics

SDR Topic Planning Board

Date Topic Recording
10/3/18 Enterprise IT Challenges recording
10/10/18 IT Roles CxO & VP (part1) recording
10/17/18 IT Roles Directors & Mgrs (part2) recording
10/24/18 Qualification Questions: App Dev manager/director recording
10/31/18 Lead Qualification: role play recording
11/7/18 Developer's life pre-gitlab recording
11/14/18 Chorus training [recording]
11/28/18 LinkedIn Profile Interpretation [recording]
02/06/19 CI/CD Primer [recording]

All Recordings

IT Leaders, roles and their challenges


Developers and DevOps

Establishing the SDR Coaching program

First meeting - AMA to set the stage and get organized


Proposed Recurring Agenda:

Requesting future discussion topics:

To request discussion topics and/or to see future topics see the SDR Coaching issue board

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