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Public Sector Go To Market


Booth Messaging / Tagline

Market-Resonating Themes & Use Case Positioning

Note: The following themes and use cases should be viewed as sub-messages to the overall government imperatives of Digital Tranformation and IT Modernization.

Topic Focus for PubSec Segments

SWOTT Analysis

Personas (WIP)

Note: Within government, titles are inconsistent, so assess for function instead of title when engaging with customers.

Chief Enterprise Architect

Function: Provides architectural leadership, vision, strategy; focused on single greatest organizational priority; may be responsible for all aspects of IT environment (infrastructure, cloud, platform, products, applications, integration, security, UX) and the entire chain of product delivery
Mindset: Values implementing standards & common processes that can be generalized across entire agency (adoption)
Pain(s): Getting independent teams to work together, culture shift, insufficient workforce skill set, too many moving parts, too much manual work, problems are very hard to diagnose
Value Driver(s): Transformation/Efficiency/Speed
Differentiator(s): Single app/Kubernetes/Collaborative experience
Use Case(s): SCM/Code quality/Speed & automation/DevOps results/Cloud native
Key Messages: Standardization across agency’s orgs/high-level, long-term strategy/transformation/future-proofing/people & skill set challenges

Director of IT

DevOps Lead/Director

Director of Security/CISO

Program Manager


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