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Reddit response workflow


The purpose of this is to monitor all mentions of GitLab within Reddit.

There is currently no way to filter whether the mention of GitLab is only from a URL (example here), so there may potentially be a high volume of noise.

To request user flair for the /r/gitlab subreddit, ping @advocates in the #reddit Slack channel, and include your Reddit username. Your flair will read GitLab Staff.


  1. Open each ticket in Zendesk in the Reddit view.

  2. Navigate to the Reddit thread to see if the comment or post has received a response.

  3. Respond if necessary using your personal Reddit account
  4. If comment/post does not need a response but is still good or valuable, upvote it and apply the Upvoted macro.
    • If it is particularly insightful or useful, it may be a good idea to share it on an appropriate Slack channel for visibility.
    • If you see a comment you want all community advocates to upvote as well, start a thread on the particular comment in Slack and ping @advocates.
  5. Solve the ticket with the Reddit::I responded macro. (Replied macro will use the public response field in order to track the first reply time)

  6. If a comment or post does not require a response, solve the ticket with the Mention macro.

Response Strategies

The following outlines an experiement the advocates are currently working on to increase engagement conversations on Reddit about GitLab.

Typical Reddit Ticket Categories and Path for Engagement:


Support Issues:



Best practices

Common Subreddits Mentioning GitLab


All mentions of GitLab, whether comments or new posts, are handled by Zapier. It first creates a ticket in Zendesk under the Reddit view, and then posts to the #reddit Slack channel.

In Slack, new comments are posted by a bot with a blue icon by a bot called Reddit Comment, and new posts with an orange icon called Reddit Post.

There are often bot posts that include GitLab URLs that generate a lot of unwanted noise. There is a step in the Zapier automation that blacklists bots that do this. If you notice a large number of posts coming from a bot, please add it to the blacklist by following these steps in Zapier:

  1. In Zapier, go to Zaps > Community Advocacy > New Reddit Mention
  2. Go to the Filter Noise step
  3. Select Filter Setup & Testing
  4. Click + AND
  5. For the first dropdown, select Username
  6. For the second, select (Text) Does not exactly match
  7. In the third box, paste the name of the bot to exclude
  8. Run a test and continue
  9. Zapier automatically turns off processes that have been modified, so make sure you turn it back on