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The instructions here are in addition to the on-boarding issue that People Ops will assign on the first day.

Copy the Quality team onboarding issue template into a new issue in QA Team Tasks and complete the issue.

General team resources

Slack channels

These internal Slack channels may be helpful to join.


Engagement Quadrant

The engagement Quadrant is designed to help you and your direct report evaluate how they currently feel about their work. This is not intended to be a performance evaluation tool, but rather a self-introspective mechanism to help frame the conversation.


When starting something new, the goal is to discover unknowns and learn them quickly so you can move into the High knowledge & High excitement state as fast as possible. Then keep iterating/improving so that you are still challenged and stay there.

Organizational psychology resources

Organizational psychology is the study of human behavior and motivations as it relates to work.

People to follow on social media